Getting Started With Quartz.NET – Part 2

In the previous post we did a short evaluation whether Quartz.NET would be a viable choice for a project. In this post we’ll go through the steps to get Quartz.NET up and running.

Getting the distribution

You will find the latest download information on Quartz.NET’s download page. Just follow the links and choose the latest binary distribution. In your case that is Quartz.NET 1.0.1. After you have have download the zip file you should extract it to some location so we can explore the distribution a bit further.

What’s inside the package

Quartz.NET is distributed ready to run and source included the package does not contain documentation at the moment as the latest API documentation and the tutorial are available on the project’s website.
The bin folder
This folder contains the actual binaries that you will need to use Quartz.NET in your application. There are separate subfolders for 1.1, 2.0 and 3.5 respectively.
The database folder
This folder contains the create scripts for Quartz.NET database. There’s a script for each supported database.
The lib folder
This folder contains the external dependencies of Quartz.NET. Quartz.NET requires Nullables library for the 1.1 build to get nullable-like features and the Common.Logging framework for all builds. The folder contents are needed when building from the source.
The server folder
This folder contains the Quartz.NET sample Windows Service. It acts as a sample how to build a windows service for running of jobs and it can be used as-is if ne customizations are required. This server will be discussed in future blog posts.
The src folder
This folder contains the source the Quartz.NET.
You can also find the the solution files,license, readme and change log information in the root of the distribution.
Now that we have had a quick tour around he distribution we should be ready to create our first little sample application in part 3 of our series.


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